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About Taft

Since 1910, the Taft District Chamber of Commerce has diligently worked to support local business. The Taft Chamber has represented the voice of business and supported the growth of Taft through the great depression, World War I and II, the Korean and Vietnam conflicts, the recession of the 1980's and now, through the ever expanding Information Age. Today we are in a transition period as the City of Taft and the Taft Chamber of Commerce gets "Energized for the Future". As we update our products and services, we will have the ability to move information to our members and the public more effectively. The Taft District Chamber of Commerce is working on Taft becoming a 'Destination City'. We have our Board of Trade Information Kiosk in front of our office, we are updating our Chamber area maps and this website, revamping our brochures, expanding our services as the Carrizo Plains National Monument Visitors Center with new highway signs, and having the Chamber become a WiFi Hotspot for visitors and residents alike. All these efforts are leading us on a campaign to share with you the Story of Taft.

We are working in partnership with the City of Taft to continue the process of streamlining and clarifying the permitting process for small and large businesses so that we can show our ability to respond to individual needs. This is especially important in these transition years for the City of Taft as we enjoy a boom from new investment and see new businesses locating to our area. Taft now has land available in the downtown area and the areas surrounding the community, allowing for the expansion of housing, business, and industrial development. The location and costs of property for business ventures in Taft continue to make it an attractive place for businesses to start and expand. It is through the combined interests of our local businesses, City government, the Chamber, Taft College, and our special district partners that each generation of businesses and business leaders have been given the strength to make the necessary adaptations that bring growth to our economy.

The Taft District Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, staff, our generous sponsors, and wonderful volunteers who partner with the Chamber are dedicated to helping you and your organization meet its objectives. Please call on our volunteer leadership and our professional Chamber staff as we continue the forward momentum to carry us through the new turn of events and challenges that lie ahead. Join us as we help you "Discover the hidden treasure which is Taft". We think you will find it is the "Best of Places to live, work, learn, and play".

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