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Membership dues in the Chamber of Commerce are tax deductible as a legitimate business expense. Dues paid to the Chamber are not a charitable tax deduction for federal income tax purposes. The Chamber is not a charity, but serves as an advocate organization to support area business.

Annual Chamber Membership Dues Schedule

Membership Package Dues

# of Employees Amount Type Amount
1 to 2 $100.00 Utility Companies $400.00
3 to 5 $125.00 Healthcare $350.00
6 to 10 $150.00 Professional $300.00
11 to 16 $200.00 Media $300.00
17 to 20 $225.00 Financial Institutions $300.00
21 to 35 $275.00 Hospitality $200.00
36 to 50 $325.00 Schools $100.00
51 to 65 $375.00 Churches $100.00
66 to 75 $425.00 Non-Profit $100.00
76 to 100 $475.00 Individual $50.00
101 to 150 $525.00 Note: If your business does not fall into one of our package categories (listed above), use the Dues Schedule on the left to determine your annual fees.
151+ $600.00

A renewal invoice will be sent to you the following year based on your membership status with the Taft District Chamber of Commerce.

Application for Membership Form

Once you have completed the form, use the "Join Taft Chamber" button below to send us your information. The Taft District Chamber will review your application, calculate your fees, and contact you with any information you requested.

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