Incorporated in 1944, the Taft District Chamber of Commerce strives to serve the business community in a variety of ways.

Making the decision to open or continue to operate a business can be a challenge and we are here to support you.  From grand openings, ribbon cuttings, and business mixers, to helping to promote and sustain your business, we are here for you! 

Our office holds weekly community meeting on Wednesdays at 9am known as Sit 'n Sip, monthly business mixers, and a variety of events throughout the year that connect our members to potential new customers.  We stay connected to our members through our weekly emails, monthly newsletters, and availability of our office, as well as through Facebook and our website.  We assist many individuals, both in person and on the phone, as well as when we are out in the community. 

In addition to hosting events, which increases tourism to our town, we continue to encourage and promote Taft Chamber members.  Anyone seeking a product or service is referred to you, our Chamber member first!  One of the many benefits of being a Chamber includes free referral service to our members.  Members can also include their flyers and information in our emails, newsletter, and in our office.

We take pride in our relationship with the City of Taft and appreciate their continued support.  Our relationship with the City Council, City Staff, and elected officials is a large part of our success.  Additionally, our sponsors and members have trust and confidence in our ability to succeed.  We can never thank these businesses and individuals enough for their contributions to the Chamber and the City of Taft. 

The Taft Chamber has an active and involved Board of Directors.  This group of 28 leaders are engaged and supportive of our events and continually strive to contribute to the Chamber and to our community.  Our Board is completely voluntary, but each individual brings unique perspectives and talents to ensure the success of our organization. 

When you sign on to become a member of the Chamber, you are becoming a part of a group of businesses dedicated to Taft.  We encourage shopping local and employing people in our communities for optimal success of your own business.

Join us TODAY!  You will start receiving your benefits and community connections immediately.  This is a great investment for your business and your community!  Thank you for investing in Taft.  We appreciate you!

Taft District Chamber of Commerce Membership Guide & Business Directory

Our membership guide provides you with information about Taft Chamber members as well as information about the City of Taft, Places to Visit, Things to Do, Where to Eat, Where to Stay, and center-spread map. If you would like a relocation packet, please email us at with your mailing information.

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Thank you for your continued support! 

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