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Membership dues in the Taft Chamber of Commerce are tax-deductible as a legitimate business expense.  Dues paid to the Chamber are not for a charitable tax deduction for federal income tax purposes, but are a great investment in your business.  The Taft Chamber serves as an advocate non-profit organization to support areas businesses.  Contributions as a member or sponsors are vital to your business to stay connected to our community.  Join us today!

Membership Dues

Dues are based on the number of employees or the type of your business. 

Annual Chamber Membership Dues Schedule
1 to 2 employees $100
3 to 5 employees $125
6 to 10 employees $150
11 to 16 employees $200
17 to 20 employees $225
21 to 35 employees $275
36 to 50 employees $325
51 to 65 employees $375
66 to 75 employees $425
76 to 100 employees $475
101 to 150 employees $525
151 + employees $600


Annual Chamber Membership based on Type of Business
Utility Company $400
Healthcare $350
Professional $300
Media / Advertising $300
Financial Institutions $300
Hospitality / Hotels $200
Schools $100
Churches $100
Non-Profit $100
Individual Associate $50

Note: If your business does not fall into one of our package categories (listed above), use the Dues Schedule on the left to determine your annual fees.

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Membership in the Taft Chamber is affordable. As a member, you receive benefits as soon as you join.

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